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Message Subject Trump said: "We Need" Global Warming to Deal With Record Cold Temperatures.
Post Content
I like a lot of what this guy does .... this statement is crazy ... maybe he should visit Australia and see all the animals that have died from record breaking heat

It was a joke.
 Quoting: Pilgrim001

Yeah, I like the guy too. Because he says things that
I say , here in the real world. When it gets cold and
people bitch about it, I or someone asks " where the
the hell is global warming when you need it ? "
He is a regular person just like me and you and you too.
He just happens to be more successful than many of
the other regular people. He thinks the way we think.
We should support him, not ridicule him.
 Quoting: jimmyrigger

Thx, fair enough ... you would think he was the messiah the way people stand up for him despite his crazy statements ... just calling a spade a spade
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