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Message Subject Trump said: "We Need" Global Warming to Deal With Record Cold Temperatures.
Poster Handle #Geomagnetic_Storm#
Post Content

If you wanna stop humans from "hurting the planet" I suggest you run into the woods and live like an animal before you suggest others do so. K cuntboy?

You self involved shitsticks make me sick.
 Quoting: Chip


Well said!

Anthropomorphic global warming is nothing more than a scam that allows governments to tax their citizens into oblivion.
 Quoting: LoneStarRising

If it is a scam, then somebody is doctoring these numbers

[link to www.climatesignals.org]

Exactly. Notice that 20 years ago the weather predictions were almost down pat? Not anymore. False data was placed into the models and now they're all askew.

But....nobody gives a fuck....they just continue to believe the lies like idiots.


[link to www.geocraft.com (secure)]
 Quoting: Chip

Nice try posting that fake graph everytime.
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