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Message Subject Awh just stfu. In only 2 yrs Trump fixed Global warming.
Poster Handle Apep
Post Content

Speak for Australia then
 Quoting: Presqu'ile

why because 6 horses died??

Give me a break
 Quoting: Jake

Alice Springs, a town in the country's Northern Territory, suffered its 14th consecutive day above 107 degrees F, a community group said this week. About 90 died there, the Central Land Council said in a statement Thursday. The horses had gathered to drink water from Deep Hole reservoir, a community group said on Facebook. But because of soaring temperatures, the water had dried up. Stallions, mares and foals were strewn hoof to hoof in the dry mud. "It's just terrible to know these beautiful animals died this way," local community member Ralph Turner said.

Nearly a third of Australian bats known as spectacled flying foxes were killed off in a Queensland heat wave in November, ABC reported. Hot, dry weather contributed to the death of more than 1 million fish in New South Wales, according to the Independent.

"What we don't see so predominantly is the koala which fall out of the tree one by one by one," Hanna says.

The heat also became a national security risk. In December, inmates at Alice Springs Correctional Centre rioted in protest of the blistering heat in their cells, which lacked air-conditioning. Officers eventually let prisoners stay in an open courtyard with better airflow, according to an ABC report.

The heat won't abate on Saturday. As the Bureau of Meteorology tweeted, that means "Australia Day will also be uncomfortably hot."

[link to www.npr.org (secure)]
 Quoting: Sardonicus Landshark

yeah well its 50 below in half the midwest

shove your fake global warming up your ass
 Quoting: Jake

It's called GLOBAL warming you scientifically illiterate oaf. Not "half the midwest warming." Of course, it is Winter in the midwest and Summer in Australia - this is what we refer to as seasons and the type weather that occurs within those seasons, albeit the temperatures are at extremes right now.

And where did you read that any climatologist on Earth has ever claimed or predicted that Winter and cold temperatures would disappear as a result of global warming? Because it seems like you must have read that at some point, and thus arrived at the an incorrect conclusion.
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