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Message Subject they say to prep, buy silver and gold, but, how many oz of each- is a good amount that will be needed?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Once you have the "appropriate" amounts of "beans, bullets and band aids" stored up purchasing a small amount of gold and silver is a smart plan.

Choosing smaller pieces is slightly more expensive to accumulate than 1oz sizes. However IF you ever have to spend it, I'd rather have options to that end rather than cutting coins down.

I would recommend 10 oz or so of gold in small denominations; 1/10 oz or gram size coins/bars.
For silver I would suggest a 1000 oz in either pre 1965 U.S. 90% coins or a combination with the above and 1 ounce silver American eagles or Canadian silver maples.

I consider the gold/silver portion of anyone's preparedness to be part of your real world hedge against inflation. Or as an investment with the duality of possibly being useful as a barter item in world changing catastrophe.

Worst comes to worse and the world keeps on turning; just sell it for more green toilet paper. cool2
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