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Message Subject they say to prep, buy silver and gold, but, how many oz of each- is a good amount that will be needed?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hold on a sec.

First of all, if you don't have physical possession of food, water and other basic essentials for daily existence for 90 days... beef that up and then check back this post.

Ok, good now? Got preps for 90 days? Now you are ready to consider PM's for SHTF.

Now, you have money left over after providing food, water, security etc for yourself and those you love for 90 days... what to do with that? This is what gold and silver is for. To transition wealth from one side of a situation to another. It is not much good while Marlboros are being traded for packs of ramen noodles. It is definitely good when commerce comes back but fiat currencies are still distrusted or volatile in value.

It's been said you can't eat gold. True. You also can't eat turpentine. Or motor oil. Or kerosene. Nor gasoline. Nor twine nor guns nor medical supplies. I think we've disposed of that argument sufficiently. You have to eat. That much is established. If you haven't got that covered independent of any means of commerce for at least 90 days... you've got more pressing priorities than previous metals.

Now... assuming beans bullets and band-aids are covered for 90 days... you need to have thought to what kind of commerce will prevail. Because something will. You can't afford to rely on a "job"... which means someone willing to hire you. You have to start thinking about your own worth in terms others will recognize. Or, living in complete isolation, which is impractical or impossible for 90% of us.

For surplus wealth after basic food, fuel, water and health is assured for your team for 90 days... I'd put the first 3k in small denomination silver and anything over that in 1/3 silver and 2/3 gold.
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