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Message Subject they say to prep, buy silver and gold, but, how many oz of each- is a good amount that will be needed?
Poster Handle Mental Case
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Prepping is a joke, but it sounds better politically than admitting your a survivalist who perceives the system can but fail.


You are looking at it with tunnel vision.

Not every crisis is an end-of-the-world type scenario (actually very few are).

My preps have saved me from driving while intoxicated (ran out of ciggies while I was drinking...got a pack from my emergency carton).

They've given me hot coffee and light and news during a power outage.

And they've made life alot more comfortable during a few snow storms.

And the worst...I ran out of toilet paper! But nope, I had lots in my emergency stash :)

As far as I'm concerned, my preps have more than paid for themselves!
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