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Message Subject Which do you enjoy more, NASA forgetting to rake out the LEM landing blast crater, or the exploding, no thrust no dust take off?
Poster Handle kos
Post Content
you are also obligated to prove otherwise and none of you have done so.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76960994

Wrong. NASA makes the claim: they must prove it.
 Quoting: Drone#6

The CSM/LM was tracked/spotted by amateur astronomers enroute to the Moon on some missions. The Soviets tracked them too.
 Quoting: hotdogg

No amateur was in possession of any equipment that could track Apollo so I don't see how your assertion is possible, and neither do you.
Even today it's a struggle for radio hams to bounce signals off the moon, your claim that 50 years ago they could track a tiny object all the way to the moon is ridiculous. Even if they could get a signal it would only give them direction, there's no distance information there and they wouldn't know if the signal came from the roof of their radio shack or from Jupiter.

There is also NO evidence that the soviets tracked it, it's noticeable how you have failed to produce any evidence they did" this is because there IS no evidence.

However I'm still waiting for you to disprove the existence my giant clockwork boat I ran in the 1970s that crossed the atlantic and pacific a few times. I can prove this as the soviets tracked it, and so did radio hams from all over the world. You'll have to admit that it was a great boat and that you admire the way I wound up the giant 5 metre wide brass key with the help of 200 seagulls that I specially trained for the job, when they were not nesting in my cone shaped thermos flask that protected them from cosmic rays.
 Quoting: Drone#6

Thankfully someone knowledgeable and with a great (British) sense of humour :)

NASA apollo-getics are so dull

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