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Message Subject Which do you enjoy more, NASA forgetting to rake out the LEM landing blast crater, or the exploding, no thrust no dust take off?
Poster Handle DGN
Post Content
Shouldn't they have gradually lifted the model to simulate rocket thrust rather than blowing it up with explosives, and throw some dust under it?

 Quoting: DGN

Just looking at it, without seriously analyzing it; it really does look fake.

How did they claim to get that perfect shot anyway. No astronaut was there to film it right? Remote controlled camera? Who was controlling the camera? I would think the astronauts would be busy blasting off from the moon. 60’s-70’s tech giving remote controlled commands from the Earth to the Moon? I guess whoever was in orbiter could’ve been controlling it if he wasn’t busy getting in position to capture the two astronauts.

If it was controlled from Earth, What would be the lag time on communications? You’d only get one chance at that shot too
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76941105

A remote-controlled camera operated by Ed Fendell is certainly feasible. The pictures of the astronauts leaving is not mission critical, so it wouldn't matter if it wasn't a perfect shot. So, it is a rather weak argument against the landings.

There are better photographs to choose to show evidence of fakery.
 Quoting: Neil WeakLlegs 77355539

The quality of the photo is irrelevant, the fact there were no Rover tracks to and from the camera is, as is the fact they couldn't convincingly fake a fireworks flare/thrust slowly lifting off so they blew the toy up with an M80.
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