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Message Subject Indian man wants to sue parents for birthing him without consent
Poster Handle BleachedPink1111
Post Content
Wow, I just got done looking through that piece of crap's propaganda posts. This is so disturbing, i wonder if this the work of a team or just him. I mean, there are so many memes made by this guy. Hundreds of nasty nihilistic quotes from all different angles of hate, all with different professional pictures of the dude hiding behind a fake beard and dark glasses. Looks middle eastern. He must have had a full day photo session with direction to get so many different poses and ideas across. Not to mention the polished graphic design and text laid out all hip and trendy. This is disgusting...and disturbing. And now with the fate of abortion and how it's becoming more allowable with looser laws, the propaganda to eliminate man is ramping. How long until we see forced genocide and worse...
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