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Message Subject BREAKING: CBS News: Pope Francis says nuns are still suffering sexual abuse, being held as sex slaves, and forced to have abortions
Poster Handle alwaysme
Post Content
What the hell? I say literally...

I didn't even know this was a thing.

Evil, despicable... not only does the devil go to church, some times he's the pastor.
 Quoting: Bright Side

I might be able to provide a linky of a nun and her story of self and others being held in one place by the mother superior for rape by the priests... babies sold or killed. Nun escaped and wrote her story... and was later murdered.


Recent reports of INFANT GRAVES near or attached to Catholic Churches...or convents..."unmarked graves"...the Mother superiors took the babies and sometimes just tossed them down the well...

I hesitate to tell these stories but in order to shine a light into DARK places...one must sometimes travel the difficult road to enlightenment...

MANY, many many stories of young nuns going into convent living as young as age 12...and abused by priests and monks and even their own female superiors...
 Quoting: Theobromine The Deplorable

My sweet little cousin entered a cloistered monastery when she was 18 years old. She was innocent, naive, and beuatiful. They slowly and methodically cut off nearly all access and communication we had with her.

We became a major thorn in their side by refusing to go away.

After almost ten years, her health deteriorated to a point they could no longer hide or mask and they finally 'released' her.

That was 20 years ago. Her physical health has improved but the emotional and psychological scars are glaring and permanent.

She refuses to talk about what she went through there. I can only imagine... and I fear the reality is worse.

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