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Message Subject Unfortunate Incident With My Daughter - Your Help Is Appreciated
Poster Handle Timur2020
Post Content
first of all, PTSD can never be accepted as an excuse
for stabbing or killing someone.
the ex-soldier is the loser in that encounter. fuck him.
 Quoting: Low Earth Orbit

PTSD is treatable. The boy was using marijuana to increase cortisol. His fucking doctor should have had him on hydrocortisone. The boy was using heroin to avoid bouncing in and out of opiation on state of high arousal. Low dose naltrexone could have eased that.

PTSD can be treated. It is treatable. It is HORMONAL not psychiatric.

He was in a state of disorienting numbness and hyperarousal. It’s February. Mold in heat ducts. Mold from snow melt,. Histamine releases adrenaline. PTSD is a disorder of arousal. Something that would ordinarily make a person a little edgy or irritable shoots PTSD into fight for your life.

Some psychiatrists ought to be burned alive.

PTSD is HORMONAL. If this boy had had his CORTISOL supported...with safe low doses of hydrocortisone that do not suppress adrenal function...

You have to see the health care provided to poor flyover kids to understand...

Some psychiatrists deserve to be burned alive. For situations like this one.
 Quoting: Polkahonkus

What a bunch of BULLSH*T
You just reach out as a professional excuse maker and made all that up by adding every excuse you could think of for poisoned on chinese dope, which there is no "pass" for and you are about as beastly as he is? He should be committed to criminally insane because its worse and never get another chance to carve up somebody else for what he needs shot for to begin with.
A complete justifying enabler os who should be roasting and some dumb azz psychiatrist just ate not having that bastar* in the lock up already.
You may be good a lay treating ptsd in some cases, but that doesn't qualify you to be blessing girl eaters and you'll end up sued or in jail too, because nobody is going to take chances when they just have to have a lil filthy moslum hell here at home.
Glad hes retreated into a gibbering cabbage to hide from it. Good. Good place for john brennan.
Ptsd is a general term that gets thrown at everything from impact injury to flat out savage patho. One story def does not fit all and you all serial killer gushing is just crazy. You will end up one of these guys "They keep comin to me to die?" dinners and thankfully, nothing gets around absolute red flags no matter how good it sounds or there would be 2 on every block.
"This poor boy! Probably got ripped off on the heroin all the time just adding to his rigteous frustration"
Pffft! Signin the paper! They will have to pump that ogre sunshine! Some people have rabies and they like it like that.
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