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If you were the prince of the power of the air, the "god" of this world. What would you do to serve God?

Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/06/2019 09:19 AM
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If you were the prince of the power of the air, the "god" of this world. What would you do to serve God?
How would you let your creator know you love Him.

Less crime?

Truth movements?

Less poverty?

Advancement toward health, nutrition, and well-being?

Movement of selflessness and service to neighbors?

Silently bring Jesus Christ into the picture either through the Fear of the Lord (judgments) or Grace (blessings and honor)?

If you were the god of this world, even the "demi", how would you baptize the world to receive Jesus Christ as its deliverer?

I've tried silent quantum communication through music and consciousness, attempting to create bridges of communication through music and stimuli that yield truth. It's sorta complicated but not really.

I see the world of quanta, and it's mechanics, so I listen to music and pray and attempt lay conscious quantum particles out in spirit space which are guarded by the virtues of God. When one seeks the virtues of God, my prayer is called upon in the regard to the song and emotional trigger, and if such person agrees in blind spirit that the truth I prayed for is evident, then the person is blessed, the seed is blessed, the harvest grows.

Basically, it's trying to reach everybody telepathically in their subconscious where music stimulates the soul.

So when I say...

Michael Jackson's Thriller...

all the people who have ever heard that song, I attempt to make a connection with, even since quanta world is timeless and eternal.

I try to make a connection with all those who have heard Michael Jackson's thriller and through blind synthesis, attempt "INCEPTION" with the Spirit of Truth, even the virtues of God, even a baptism of the law of God on the heart.

I'm trying to prepare a harvest, a massive harvest of many different crops through the use of quantum mechanics and music.