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Climate change is such horse shit.

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02/06/2019 03:25 PM
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Climate change is such horse shit.
Ok so now they're saying that the atmosphere hasn't warmed that much because the oceans are absorbing the heat.

But water expands considerably as it warms.

Expanded water would equal a sea level rise. A very noticeable sea level rise. But see levels haven't risen.

So again another excuse debunked.

Oh wait the ocean floor is sinking that's it.
And it just happens to be sinking at the exact rate rate the ocean us rising. There's no reason to suggest that this would be the case but ok.

90% of experts agree. Your existence is detrimental to the planet.

Even though warmer climates equal longer growing seasons which lowers carbon.

There is a never ending excuse for why their predictions aren't coming true.