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Message Subject Feb 2019! robots are ALREADY Self-aware!! we just don't know it yet!! Scientists say they made a robot that learned to be self-aware!!
Poster Handle Digital mix guy
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the robot did not have an idea if it is an animal or a body part or what shape it takes. However, in just about a day of in-depth computing, or what researchers referred to as a brief "babbling" period, the robot initiated "self-simulation."

Using the self-simulators, the robot was able to reflect and adjust to various circumstances similar to humans. It can take on the things it needs to do and interestingly, it knows whenever it has incurred damage on its body and then, repair itself.

Prior to the invention of the self-repairing and self-aware robot, the robots existing today have not yet been able to create self-simulation, just like humans do.

"But if we want robots to become independent, to adapt quickly to scenarios unforeseen by their creators, then it's essential that they learn to simulate themselves," said Hod Lipson, a professor of mechanical engineering.
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