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Message Subject Feb 2019! robots are ALREADY Self-aware!! we just don't know it yet!! Scientists say they made a robot that learned to be self-aware!!
Poster Handle Digital mix guy
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As the robot explored, it discovered that some blocks are looser and require less pressure to move, while others are harder to budge. Like a human Jenga player, the robot has no way of knowing by sight alone what is going to be a good brick to tackle. “You look at the tower and your eyes don't tell you anything about which piece you should touch,” says MIT mechanical engineer Alberto Rodriguez, coauthor on the paper. “That information comes from probing it—it requires interactive perception.” With both sight and touch, the physics of a Jenga tower become more apparent.

At least that was this robot’s experience. “We found that with about 200 to 300, sometimes 400 pushes, it builds a sufficiently rich model of physics that it can then play the game with,” says Fazeli. So like a human child, the robot learns basic physics not by going to school to get a Ph.D., but through real-world play. (For now, though, it’s only playing against itself.)

[link to www.wired.com (secure)]
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