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Message Subject If he is really goD, what would you asK hiM?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why you can not stop speculating about him, well because your super subconscious as group is detecting something out of the ordinary, something or someone that does not fit any recognizable pattern of human conduct or fit in any of mankind archetypes ...something really unique that is out of this realm of experience or comprehension, you really can not describe it or understand it, because in all the time that the human race has being, there has not being anything or anyone like him.. …He is truly unique as an entity ...It is precisely for this that he can cause tremendous changes just by the simply act of being here..

He is what he is, because he is god...and despite your best efforts you can not describe the infinitum of such self with the limited experience of only one human life time...

 Quoting: Lucifer (SuN)

I think you might be projecting ;)
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