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Message Subject If he is really goD, what would you asK hiM?
Poster Handle Agent144/Unimatrix0
Post Content
You're from Canada, but the people of the United states are actually worth less than a fractionalized cent each.

How many people been born since 1913 ?

Take that number, and divide 'one dollar's by it.

That's the fractionalized percentage and value of the worth of each.

It doesnt.matter how many pattern replicated copies of that original dollar you have.


Hel, low is a bad place.

Stop ringing the leviathans dinner bell.

Why would I want to talk to any of you people?

Especially idiots, like this random guy.

See yah..
You dont wanna be me
Daniel of nebuchadnezzar, darius surha; who is belteshazzar.

You peeps will not be going to where the Shah's are.

Overlay a bell upon the oval, the isle lower then the bel ...

That's a bad place.

Bel..ial ...


Telling the whole world they are fucking idiots isnt going to work very well anyways.

See yah.
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