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Message Subject Trump- I Want Legal Immigration in ‘Largest Numbers Ever’
Poster Handle Red John
Post Content
good way to get his wall, making demos think they can still get their believers through. But he doesn't have to let many in.
 Quoting: CanadianMenace

He's letting them through in vetted numbers versus carte blanche. He's making sure Americans are taken care of first. Something the OP detests because he is a satanic traitor to America.

 Quoting: Chip

Yes sir. Canada just flies in the third world now and gives them citizenship without vetting because it's impossible. Our somalian muz immigration minister announced yesterday that we are taking in "freed slaves" from Libya now. I guess all military aged men..
 Quoting: CanadianMenace

Pretty soon you'll have negros raping white bitches in the bushes in front of McDonalds.
 Quoting: Chip

except a few shitheads in Toronto
most of our blacks are civilized decent working citizens

it's the muzz. that are about to hit the critical mass / tipping point where they start taking over entire neighborhoods and making no go zones
soon canadastan will have the same "sexual emergencies / AKA Rape" that are already commonplace in EU
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