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Message Subject BREAKING!!! TRUMP: Expected to ban Chinese telecommunication equipment from US networks
Poster Handle Northwind36
Post Content

Why hasn't this been done already?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76845083

I've asked that question for decades.

We need modems, routers, switches, hardware firewalls made in USA for consumers too.

It is criminal that we have been deliberately set as prey to the Chinese (and others too) by our own government and corporations.

The Chinese have romped through our data networks, electrical grid, infrastructure networks and citizens's internet hookups without a challenge from government agencies or corporations who are busy trading with the enemy.

Go President Trump! Go!
 Quoting: Lily o' the Valley

The whole of the East, from the Middle-East/West Asia to Japan/East Asia has to be controlled/suppressed, if we (or the entire planet) have to have any chance of surviving.

For it is written:

The Lord God planted a garden in the East, in Eden.


The Lord God planted a garden in the Middle-East, in Eden.


The Lord God planted a garden in the North, in Eden.


The Lord God planted a garden on the Earth, in Eden.

Its the entire EAST.

From the East comes most of the major ideologies, religions and ancient civilizations, that control the planet. With the exception of maybe Christianity, which has been considerably Westernized, all the rest are extremely dangerous.

They are not of the light but of the darkness.

And they are leading the world to its final destruction.
 Quoting: Northwind36

That was not my point at all.

I think you have been mislead. It is Communism that is the danger from China. I just cant image a brigade of Buddhist monks hacking our infrastructure. The idealogical infrastructure that is endangering the entire world today is not Buddhism or Taoism, it is Communism, and it came from Europe, not the East.
 Quoting: Lily o' the Valley

Not really, Communism originated from Marx, Lenin, Trotsky who are J.e.w.s of Middle-Eastern origins. They are not really Europeans, even though they may have lived in Europe.

Similarly Mao, Kim Jong Un, Pol Pot, Vietcong are all East Asians.

Its basically an Eastern ideology.
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