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Message Subject Direct all people with tax issues to this thread. Many poorly educated Americans are having issues with their refunds.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Trump let you keep more money every paycheck.
Many probably pissed it all away.

With that, less taxes were paid to the government for the year.
Meaning many will have smaller refunds, (But you had more money throughout the year) or may owe (And you should have saved).
The smart people set money aside, the less educated will figure it out with next years returns.

I am trying to make this as easy as possible to understand, and will take your questions over the next days, but I will have to ask your state, what you made, what was withheld and your filing status if you want me to look a little more into your case.

Loaning money to the government in the form of tax refunds is never a wise idea as you see ZERO interest paid to you on your loan to the government.
Extra money throughout the year COULD have helped you pay down debts faster, but many only know SPEND SPEND SPEND.
I due time, those with poor educations may catch on to seeing what Trump did that will be in effect even after he leaves office, even if reelected in 2020.

IF you were wise enough to pay down/off say, credit card debt, you will realize even more money in YOUR pocket when you are not paying credit card interest fees.

I haven’t done my taxes yet but I know that the deduction doubled from 6000 and something dollars to 12,000.

I am going to sleep now, but I already see poorly educated people complaining about this... They are used to big refunds from Democrats.
In actuality, you want as small of a refund as possible without owing, UNLESS you are methodical in your record keeping and saving, then you can really work the system when you pay hardly any tax during the year, and owe a lot.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 56561591

I haven’t done my taxes yet but I know that the deduction doubled from 6000 and something dollars to 12,000. If you’re going short form you should do better this year.
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