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Message Subject In this history of rock n roll, who do you most wish wouldn't have died?
Poster Handle Wharf Rat
Post Content
That's an interesting perspective on Old Hank, OP. I like it.

For me, I'd have to say Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy. He was so underrated and Thin Lizzy had a lot of awesome songs other than the two hits you hear on the radio.
 Quoting: Zorro A. Knievel Esq.

Phil Lynott......one thousand percent

He was like a totally exposed filament, burned so brightly that there was no way it could last...

But if he had sobered up-- a bit more, I mean--- yes, I totally see him reinvigorating the stagnant 80s and early 90s scene, because Phil was really, really special... he could have done anything. He could have worked with early rap artists, for example.

Also, another 6 or 7 Thin Lizzy albums wouldn't have been too much to ask. I think he would have done a lot, had he lived longer.

Great call, bud.
 Quoting: Wharf Rat

Someone posted a song on here a couple months ago, it was a collaboration of him and someone else... I can't find it at the moment, I had never heard it before, it was about war and it was totally 80s and a bit "80s cheesy", I don't know how else to describe it lol. But Phil made it cool, his voice is one of a kind and stands out.

^^^ This
 Quoting: Zorro A. Knievel Esq.
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