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Message Subject In this history of rock n roll, who do you most wish wouldn't have died?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
And of course "The King" Elvis Presley,the greatest entertainer of all time!Age 42 is too young to die! If only he had found his inner strength to change his ways and was stimulated by a new challenge such as he faced with the 68 Comeback special or the Hawaiian satellite concert.

Maybe if he had dumped his manager, found a new one,and had gone on a worldwide concert tour,he could have been even greater, and could very well still be with us today...I believe he lost the will to live and simply gave up. IMHO he died of boredom (first all the movies in the 60s with no live performances,and then the heavy concert tours in the 70s and all those tiring,repetative Vegas shows) that kind of treadmill grind would have killed anybody,and I am actually very surprised it didn't kill him sooner.What he would have accomplished had he lived past 1977,sadly we will never know...

I agree with Jim Croce,terribly underappreciated singer/songwriter,taken from us all too soon.Another great voice and also gone in a plane crash was Jim Reeves.He had a beautiful,rich baritone voice and could sing all types of songs apart from country.

Marty Robbins was great too. Of course Buddy,Ritchie,and J.P,who we mourn 60 years ago this month would have made greater impacts in music,and would have probably contributed and even changed musical direction in the 70s and 80s…

Of course all the tragic losses in the "27 Club" would all have gone on to even greater glory and had even a further impact had they lived several decades more, and now we have to put up with autotune "artists" like Bieber and Buble...

And even though this is a rock and roll thread,the greatest voice of all time must be opera singer Mario Lanza (just have a listen to him on YT),taken way too young in only his 30s,probably "whacked" by the mob though his death was never properly investigated.IMHO his vocal chords were truly touched by the hand of God....
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