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Message Subject Hitler In His Own Words
Poster Handle Educated Redneck
Post Content
I say you're spreading one sided propaganda and rhetoric because you are. You're providing a great example of the "history is written by the winners" reality here, which you can try to discount all you want but it's still true.
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Actually what I'm saying isn't even questionable. Germany didn't share a border with a communist nation and Germany wasn't at war with a communist nation until after they after they were at war with and conquered the nations of Western Europe.

Your entire argument boils down to "Hitler violated a treaty, therefore bad" and it just doesn't hold up even if I just concede that's true for argument sake only.
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Hitler signing and violating treaty after treaty is one thing that shows he was an incompetent leader, but that didn't make him a bad person. In a historical sense it is one reason Germany found themselves isolated and fighting against the rest of the world.

You're also just claiming outright insane things, like you literally claimed there was "only one communist in Germany" in your first post, lol, and now you're trying to claim that the spread of communism wasn't really a real threat when Hitler came to power? LMAO like that is just factually ahistorical and even the most left-wing history books wouldn't back you up on that one.
 Quoting: 88898625221

You seem confused. I never said there was only one communist in Germany. Hell, the German communist party received almost 6 million votes in the last free election held in Germany.

I was talking about the Reichstag Fire Decree where the German people lost all their civil liberties, their freedom. In Hitler's first month as Chancellor a single Dutch communist set fire to the German Reichstag, their legislature building. The Nazis claimed it was a communist uprising and took away all the German people's rights setting up a police state. This isn't something that is disputed, look it up, educate yourself.

The Nazis had to do this because they only received 33% of the vote in the last free election held in Germany. They lost the votes of 2 million Germans between the July and November 1932 elections.
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