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Message Subject What the fuck is all this HE AND HIM and Her bullshit threads??
Poster Handle Gallowglassie
Post Content
Dersh was on the Lolita Express flight manifest, a diddler.

Wyn you can do better than drag out Ayatollah of Rick rolled ya

The Martha’s Vineyard crowd strikes back at Alan Dershowitz

User ID: 76256278

In the ongoing Saga, this article outlines the rift established between the left and Dershowitz.


The Martha’s Vineyard crowd strikes back at Alan Dershowitz

For years, former Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz and some of his high-profile pals have spent summer afternoons opining on the porch at the Chilmark General Store on Martha’s Vineyard. Not this summer, and maybe never again..."

Trump owns his ass now so he will grovel on command or else.

and Wyn, since you have now proclaimed, THE RING IS MINE

we can declare game over, as Boromir's been revealed finally

Gonna hold you to that title for the rest of your life

here take the Ar kenstone as well, since you are usurping graft left and right. Remember to shout "I am HYMN" on the portico at Arlington in triumph, waken all the rebel host
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