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Message Subject I gotta be honest about women
Poster Handle Drlightshow
Post Content

Yeah right, you don't know, Your a bitch bro. Stop stareing at the lipstick and just put it on lmao
 Quoting: Drlightshow

I will just be quiet because this is the internet

Wish you were here talking shit to my face

id throw you through this god damn glass table
 Quoting: Presqu'ile

Stop lying you'd starting scratching me slapping me
 Quoting: Drlightshow


So wait you just said in this thread you don't think women are all that, Call me gay , and then hit on me after i said ill throw you through a glass Table?

You da one who is gay my son
 Quoting: Presqu'ile

Bro you can have that, I'm done with you now an your whining lmao
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