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Message Subject Bump for God
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
Post Content
How about using our Creator, or our Father? If you want a name, He told Moses to tell the people, "I Am".
No matter what, He created us all, all races, nations, etc.

Our Creator needs no bump of course but I gave you five stars.
Everyday humanity seems to drift further and further away from Our Father.
How sad it is and how it must grieve his heart to know that His children have forgotten Him, rejected Him, or worse yet that He doesn't even exist?!

All praise, all honor, and all worship to the great I Am, our Father!
 Quoting: Endure

And each of you that knows the FATHER within YOU... and strives to become perfect in wisdom.. is I AM THAT I AM.

The Father is the source of PERSONALITY.. if there is personality.. there he is either directly or thru 3rd person Trinity... Your animals having personality get it thru 3rd person..

Creator is always known on all planets as Creator.. Father.. Source.. in whatever language is spoken. He has no name.

His name is a sense FOR YOU once the Human has merged with his Father Fragment.. the stellar name of that human. My stellar name is KAN DAEK.... which is why I use it here. At the time of fusion/merger your stellar forever name is given you.
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