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Message Subject I owe $973,822 to the IRS for 2018, and you want a refund? FUCK OFF
Poster Handle GSB/LTD
Post Content
Why should I pay more in taxes this year than any of you will pay in your entire life? What do I get out of it? Do I get a rich person lane on the highway? Do I get 2 votes to cancel out one of you imbeciles? Do I get a special line at TSA?

All I see is you people whining about not getting a refund. GOOD! You bitches need to pay into the system.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77114938

Fuck off. Our tax returns can pay for two mo ths rent. That's more important than your next golden toilet.
 Quoting: microzone

If your refunds amount to that much, then you are financially unbalanced - ESPECIALLY if you rely on them every year just to break even. Instead of an annual refund check you'd be better off getting that money every couple of weeks in a paycheck and putting into an interest-bearing account.
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