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Message Subject I owe $973,822 to the IRS for 2018, and you want a refund? FUCK OFF
Poster Handle ptuck874
Post Content
There are many things in my personal life right now that are very difficult.

There are also a growing number of things in the public sphere that are quite worrisome to me as well.

Sometimes i am challenged just to remain hopeful of our future, but, i remain that way for my own wellbeing and for those around me.

Yet, the responses in this thread are some of the most troubling i have seen and it has me feeling like i've been cut off at the knees.

I have NO DOUBT we can defeat the traitors in our state and federal governments. And i remain certain that we will restore the rule of law...

But oh how i weep for the damage these evil perpetrators have inflicted on our newest generations of Americans. Many have now been so thoroughly engineered with Bolshevik class warfare propaganda that they've become literal weapons of war poised to attack the last vestiges of freedom and financial independence.

To say their future is bleak, is an understatement. It looks to be little more than a choice between jack booted communism disguised as utopian socialist justice, or certain death at the hands of a free people mowimg them over in march towards the reclamation of a legitimate constitutional authority.

If only they could see the ACTUAL alternatives they have to choose from...
 Quoting: Beyond Perceptions

I have green pinned alot, trying to get a super pin thing, more people need to see this, it's sad man :(
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