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Message Subject Let's Discuss The ET Agenda
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here's my take on it:

That the ET's are the ones holding up full-disclosure until the human races comply with a few global demands:

They insist that we fully unite as a planet with ONE government, ONE religion, NO national borders and -as much as possible- a blending of all the races into a single homogenous one that eliminates individual genetic traits - even genders.

YEP: I believe it is the ET's that are really behind the NWO and that's why we have a handful of elites that are steering the planet toward that end.

The ET's have already given them fun, advanced technology to play with amongst themselves like a Carrot on a stick; that tech [and the promise of much, much more] not only gives them a strong incentive to do the ET's bidding, but also keeps them well ahead of the rest of us as an increasingly controllable populace.

That's my basic theory.

What's yours?
 Quoting: GSB/LTD

This is what the archons want in order to keep us as a slave race.

Benevolent ETs want us to have sovereignty and evolve past the destructive elements of the human ego.
 Quoting: New Atlantis

So, -if I understand what you're saying- it's basically a cosmic extension of good vs. evil instad of one-size-fits-all approach?
 Quoting: GSB/LTD

Yes, I believe so. Just about every culture has an "angels and demons" type of mythology.

Although I suspect humans create/project/energize the "evil" ones and make them stronger than they have to be. In fact, it's even possible they are entirely a projection of our own ego/psyche.
 Quoting: New Atlantis

Angels, fallen angels, and demons are just names ancient people used to describe. Different types of aliens. Angels being the good aliens, demons being the bad aliens, and fallen angels being bad aliens pretending to be good. But anyway I agree with OP that bad aliens like the Reptilians, Grey's, and Nephilim are the ones behind the New World Order and who the so called elite aka Illuminati are working for. I believe they also created religions to enslave and control people too. I also believe they have destroyed and enslaved many other planets like Mars, Venus, Mercury, and many planets in many star systems too
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