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Message Subject Venezuelans are being dropped off at schools in Illinois
Poster Handle thinking...
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The other day I struck a conversation with a Venezuelan man who got here about a year ago, and the very first question I asked was;

Is El Presidente Trump good or bad, do you think?

He started nodding his head yes, and said "GOOD" loudly.

I then told him that our country has socialists such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez trying to fool the hispanics here into socialism, and he said, 'no way, socialism is very bad!'

Have some faith, this might be the Dem's reverse trojan horse. The Venezuelans coming here believe as the Cubans do - that socialism is evil, and Capitalism is good, and Trump is their hero.

From what I've witnessed, they are hard working and are not on public assistance. They hate communism.

Feel a little better now?
 Quoting: have faith 61401388

I agree. People escaping communism tend to be it's biggest enemies.
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