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Message Subject Today's dating women are beyond fycked up trash
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They've really fallen hard in the last 5 years. I think even a few years ago there was a few good clean normal women left with no kids. Now, it's code red for single guys. I was in a relationship for over 3 years with my ex who decided that god was more important than me and that we had to break up. Now I find myself single and wanting to meet someone fun...

First off, women today don't even try anymore to pretend that they have lives outside of work. They all are hardcore addicted to netflix shows. They all have 5-30 dofferent shows they watch routinely. All women are anti-trump. Youre scum if you like Trump. All women are on tinder....Tinder is this place where a girl can look for bfs when they're not horny and look for hunks for big dick sex when they're frustrated n horny.

All the girls have highly advanced careers. But they have no savings and blow all their money on crap and have nothing at all to show for all that currency they've accumulated. They all are adamant about being highly intelligent, and that their job is highly important, but they're all able to text all day every day as if they don't ever do any work all day...

They don't cook,clean or perform any maintenance.

Men are flawed creatures too, but men have been men for 40 years without significant change. Women are constantly devolving at a rapid pace. Becoming more undatable by the year. Men devolve slowly. Most men can do manly things and cook and clean etc, yet we're all douchebags. But a woman can watch tv all day, text all day, never cook and blow her whole paycheck of 2 thousand dollars and never ever be a douchebag.

Today's women are douchebags. They're all douchebags. Us men are waiting for them to get their shit together.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 69644445


Wow, what a whinny douchebag you are!! If woman have children, who the hell do you think is on the other end of that. It takes two to tango bucko! And you're actually jealous of television? I have never hear of anything so ludicrous! And what woman do with THEIR money is THEIR business. You aren't married to them, so it's their money. As far as cooking and cleaning goes...well I just plain ol' laughed at that one. If both are working, both do chores equally. Except you are not married so it's none of your business. I can only hope you are young and you will mature. Yes, people should save their money, etc., but it's up to that person and that person only to decide that. I am probably not of your generation, but what I see is men leeching off of woman nowadays. Nobody should do that to anyone. Everyone should be working unless they have medical issues, or MAYBE if the couple is married the woman might want to take a few years off to raise the kids, if they can afford that. Or if the woman makes more money, than it should be the man staying at home. And no, I am not a libtard. I voted for Trump and will again. What I am saying is just common sense stuff.
 Quoting: Veronica B.

I agree.

[I'm glad you posted that, I was feeling too violent in my thoughts, to respond - what a fucking wanker!]
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