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Message Subject Today's dating women are beyond fycked up trash
Poster Handle Presqu'ile
Post Content
op is 100% correct.

i am 31, and i am a 7/10 in looks. A bit short for a guy ( 5'8 ) and i can't get a match on tinder even with 4/10 fat slobs

Keep in mind, chicks use makeup, so a 4/10 chick with a slim body and good makeup, becomes a 8 or a 9

It's actually like i'm living in an alternate reality.

My last relationship ended when i was 24, and ever since then i lost hope for relationships.

OP is correct.

Most women i meet, can't cook, cant clean, but have some kind of degree, which they dont use, because they want to go back to school again.

Most of these hoes are on IG, posting their selfies for attention too.

A bunch of Clout Chasers, all in it for some fame and money for their booty.

The worst part is, you can't find an ounce of intelligence anywhere in women anymore. Hollywood has succsefully destroyed people.

Hollywood is really the demon.
 Quoting: elitedestini

Stay the fuck off tinder, one word STDS
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