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Message Subject What skills do you have which you don't use in your day to day job?
Poster Handle Louis in Richmond
Post Content
The ability to design and install electrical distribution systems.

The ability to perform plumbing tasks such as water heater installation, water tank installation, non-lead soldering, pump and pressure regulator switch installation on well systems.

The ability to remove, replace, and recalibrate nuclear instrumentation; the ability to operate land and naval-based nuclear reactor power systems.

The ability to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair SCADA systems.

The ability to do minor to major vehicle maintenance and repairs such as changing brakes, rotors, calipers, water pumps, starters, alternators... (you get the idea).

The list goes on and on as I am an a Federally licensed engineer with an education in the humanities as well. Hence why I am such a weird f*ck also possessing a sense of humor.

'You building a colony somewhere OP and need professional staff? chuckle
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