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Message Subject If you are a person with high IQ
Poster Handle A73
Post Content
I spent 25 years in the IT industry, working for the worst shitheads I ever saw, as managers. Top ten multi billion dollar companies have even worse scum running them. I saw them betray America, ruin all our good ars and technology, and hire bobblehead indians needlessly, ruining American jobs, and life, with these unwanted lousy third world cultures.

IT was destroyed, all the fine work me and my friends did, was D'Anconia'd into the ground, by shithead Gates and the other fuckfaces running the American IT industry.

So OP I would tell you that everyone in power or with money now, has gotten it at the final gasp of America, and they won't admit that. They drive shit cars and hold crap fones and they wont integrate their own guilt. I never voted but I rolled out thousands of new PCs to dipshits, who I knew were totally stupid, and would ruin the very technology I and my friends were the masters of, back then, 1995 and so forth.

Looking back now I realize politics is second to feeding people. Once you understand that simple truth, you will see, that starvation will be accompanied by qeven more vigorous campaigning and requests for donations.
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