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Message Subject If you are a person with high IQ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Additionally, most children (islamists predominately) are born into reliigons they cannot escape, and cults they can't get out of. It is rare for a child to be born to upright good folk with no allegiences to lodge or other body.

So, when you are born into a coffin, a cult, such as I wand my friends were, well, you have to lie still, That cult will kill you, shun you, ruin your life. Your pain means nothig to them, nothing at all.

Thus, in that situation, you may have to endure their shit for your whole life, maybe even having some culty marriage they shackled you into, and so you are 25+ before the cult can actually be fought.

This pattern is not rare. Many in their pre-30s have just begun to escape their babycult of their youth. No islamist can ever leave they will be killed if they do, for example.

Thus, having compassion for the individual, is needed.
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