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Message Subject If you are a person with high IQ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The majority of jobs out there require workers to do what they're told - independent thinking is not required or wanted by most employers.
 Quoting: ElleMira

There is a strong desire to tell people that by not working, they dont deserve to eat,. Slavers think that way. Jesus did not, he fed people who did not work for him, lazy bums lol.

Jesus never said "If a man does not work do not let him eat" the enemies of Jesus think that way.

And then it becomes some retardo discussion about commies versus capitalists, and in those discussions, there is only shallowness, no researched truths. The real tragedy of my whole life in work, was that we did not form true friendships, we who worked, because we knew we were all slaves, and so the relationships are feeble, and not what one can base a nation on.
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