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Mars One dreams plummet back to Earth as company goes bankrupt


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02/12/2019 05:33 AM

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Mars One dreams plummet back to Earth as company goes bankrupt
Mars One, the company that promised to colonize Mars with human volunteers and make a reality TV show about it, has gone bankrupt, crushing the dreams of its willing participants and drawing ‘I told you so’s’ from its critics.

The company hoped to send people on a one-way trip to Mars where they would settle for the rest of their lives as we on Earth watched it all unfold from the comfort of our couches.

News of the company’s demise was only revealed thanks to a Reddit user who found a court notice from Basel, Switzerland which said it was declared bankrupt on January 15, 2019.

The group said it had 200,000 willing participants, but this was disputed by former NASA researcher Joseph Roche, who had volunteered for the project and said the real number was 2,761. He also said the selection process had a points system which could be increased by buying merchandise or donating money to the company.

[link to www.rt.com (secure)]

Well it would never have been allowed to succeed anyway. Pity. as it would have been interesting to watch a Mars TV reality show.
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