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Message Subject Hartford Hospital trauma director "angered" after finding Sandy Hook children had survivable wounds
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is the chain reaction of failure:

1. After 5 minutes of silence, shooting erupted again in the school as NPD officers fired on plainclothed state police

2. This eruption of shooting led NPD officers Chapman and Smith to think a suspect was firing again

3. Seconds later a boy burst out of Room 10 and either Chapman or Smith shot him

4. Police panicked trying to deal with this, and no one told the dispatcher there were 29 wounded.

5. The dispatcher had been told there were 2 wounded, and sent the appropriate number of ambulances for 2 wounded: 2.

6. The dispatcher did not declare an MCI i.e. call for more than 2 ambulances, because 2 wounded is not an MCI.

7. By the time dispatch found out there were 27 additional patients, half an hour had passed.

8. Dispatch now called for more ambulances; by the time they got there, patients had bled a full hour.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 69950254

So according to you cops went into the school and began shooting at other cops and there was a big old western shootout and 29 kids got shot by cops.

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