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Message Subject Pre Trib Rapture is SOON
Poster Handle Love_Goddess
Post Content
There are hundreds of videos that can tell you there IS an escape. Others say, no.

I read the BIBLE.

If a person cannot think for himself/herself and read for themselves... then, they are going to be swinging from teacher to so-called prophet to some kook in his basement.

YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN walking with Yeshua (Jesus). If you are Born Again you will have the Holy Spirit to teach you.
Our Father gave us what we need.

No teacher or youtube pastor is going to be with you when you are assessed.

You'd better find out for yourself.

Is there an escape?

Pray that you be found worthy to escape all these things that are coming upon the earth.
 Quoting: Rayelle

If you have the Holy Spirit then real time interactions will take place spirit to spirit. You will never need anyone else ever again to discern for you.
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