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If Don... The Con Man Signs The Bill...Should We Should Flip The Flags Again?

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United States
02/14/2019 04:01 PM
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If Don... The Con Man Signs The Bill...Should We Should Flip The Flags Again?
I really feel that he is going to sign it.

Mostly at the request of Ku*her and His Daughter Invanka.
Both of them are Neo-Liberal/Conservative

Half Communist & Half Fascist.
Such thing does exist.

I am hopeless. That bill will give more power to Abortionist and also gum control. Apart of many hidden things. Also will NOT Fund a Wall.

Sign that bill and America will Fall.
He would have done more damage than Obama did in 8 YEARS of being president. At least the man didn't try to take gums away or give super powers to Abortionists.

Why promise a Wall and then sign a bill that WON'T give a Wall and would also legalize Abortion and Gum Control wtf and who knows what else.
Especially the Tax Cuts to the Super Rich ( Amazon not paying taxes and requesting a refund ) Don the Con Man really has played everyone on both sides. hiding I guess TSHTF
War IS Coming Soon.

Civil AND World War 3 ( Iran.. Venezuela Invasion.. ) No difference between Retardicans and Demonrats at this point.
NEITHER cares about the people. They just want us all to be divided in America and start World War over Money/Greed/Power.
They are what caused the European Invasion of Refugees and ISIS
also the Drug Cartels in poor countries. This country is run by Psychopaths.