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Jamaican scammer tries to scam the wrong man

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02/15/2019 09:56 AM
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Jamaican scammer tries to scam the wrong man
*William Webster, ex-FBI and CIA director, helps feds nab Jamaican phone scammer

*Instead of sending $50,000 to the random caller, he performed reverse phone sting for FBI

The caller with the Jamaican accent told the 90-year-old District man he had won $72 million and a new Mercedes Benz in the Mega Millions lottery, but the man needed to send $50,000 in taxes and fees to get his money. He also told the Washington man he’d done his research on the top winner.

The Jamaican’s research didn’t turn up everything. He didn’t learn that the man he was calling was the former director of the FBI and the CIA, the only person ever to hold both jobs. And he didn’t know that William H. Webster would call him back the next day with the FBI listening in. In that reverse sting, Webster obtained the man’s real name and email address, while stringing him along and never quite committing to sending the $50,000.

The FBI was able to document that Thomas, 29, from St. James Parish in the Montego Bay area, collected at least $300,000 with his scam from about three dozen victims, according to court records. One victim estimated he alone sent Thomas more than $600,000.

[link to www.washingtonpost.com (secure)]
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