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Message Subject Why do they keep repeating "More Drugs Come Through Legal Checkpoints" ?????
Poster Handle CandyManCan
Post Content
Why do they keep repeating "More Drugs Come Through Legal Checkpoints" when it's IMPOSSIBLE to know the the amount that passes over the border illegally??? Why doesn't the President (and others) push back when hit with -

Statement: Statistics show most illegal drugs pass through LEGAL checkpoints.

Response should be: How would you know that if we cannot count the illegal drug crossings?

 Quoting: CandyManCan

I'm all for the wall and all it represents, but word on the street is most of the problem is at the checkpoints.

Crooked border guards taking coyote money to let busloads through, etc.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76505060

How would you know what data to compare to? With crossings going unchecked the crimes being committed could be 100 times worse we would never know because they pass unchecked.

What if a terrorist group decided to bring in weapons (bombs/virus,etc.) through the unsecured border - who would be responsible for that - under who's watch would that occur?

Trump needs to build that wall FAST!!
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