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Message Subject Nothingness is what Saves the World.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In your enlightenment, it is a completely liberating
Realization of the body.

Because you are all so frozen, so loveless.
The body must relax from its contraction of "I."

The Narcissus is everywhere.
We do not need all that technical awareness
to go through this process.

It is totally and completely unnecessary.
 Quoting: Stu 8.0

In this sense I imagine a woman giving birth, and it's intensity as the time goes on, and once the child is born there is nothing, no more pain, and all is good.
but just moments before it was the most horrible pain that you could ever imagine on earth, knowing that you have to endure it, you tell yourself, only a little longer and all will be fine. and that is what gets you through this pain.
I equate this with life itself.
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