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Message Subject Time to board the Bitcoin train
Poster Handle Moon&Stars
Post Content
The bottom isn't in yet. When it is, it's time to board the train. See Tyler Jenks Hyperwave and Willie Woo's NVT indicator. The best are calling the bottom anywhere between $1K and $1600. There is support/resistance at about $1250 in the middle of that range. This dump should occur by mid-year.

Then, the recovery happens, about $4K by end of year. After that, a rise to about $8K happens fairly quickly - and BTC becomes very hard to buy, with panic buying. So, get in before then.
 Quoting: Moon&Stars

lol No one has this level of future market detail. This is the biggest crock of shit I ever read.

We bottomed back in November. The LTC halving approaches. The 50 and 200 MA have crossed which is a sure indicator the bear market is over.

Only idiots like jsnip4 sold the bottom

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75851995

The bottom wasn't November. You didn't listen to anything about hyperwaves, which is what BTC is in. Not a bubble. It's a hyperwave. You also didn't take the time to read or understand Willie Woo's NVT indicator. Other experts are in agreement with them, but think the bear market may last a little longer than they do.
One more has mapped this out based on an intricate data analysis, and he's been right since the inception of BTC. His call is bottom at about $1245 - same timing as Jenks and Woo.

On the BTC weekly chart, the 50MA has just begun crossing the 100MA. The dump is coming.
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