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Message Subject Nibiru live FLORIDA?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

They (infra light cameras)detect the heat from the Gold so we can see Nibiru System on WEBCAMERAS!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78047292

I'm convinced at this point that the OP is a broken bot. GPT-2 could do a better job writing coherent posts. Since when is gold only visible in infrared sensitive cameras? Since when is there anything new about infrared light being visible on cheap webcams? It's like the program saw something about gold being used to reflect infrared light, it knows the words "infrared light" is associated with the topic of "Nibiru," so it put it together and now it's rambling about infrared cameras detecting gold from Nibiru, completely failing to understand the relationship between gold, infared light, and "Nibiru." Who wrote the shitty bot that is making these spammy posts?
 Quoting: Astroshill

Not GOLD!the heat from interaction with Gold.nevermind go back to your matrix.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78047292

So now it's not even consistent as to whether the cameras are "detecting gold" or not.
 Quoting: Astroshill

I am not predicting when Nibiru comes.I am showing what the webcams are showing.if you think I am racking,go then to time lapse and check it yourself.
I made a guess when Planet X will return based on the Noaf flood 4500BC - 5000BC,and Moses going to the promise land 1500 BC.Nibiru is due to appear 2030 but extacly I do not know,maybe earlier and maybe 2060,but like I said we do not know the speed.
In reality, the Annunaki towing this barren ice-covered moon, they named it Nibiru. "Giver of Life".

Thought the Annunaki tried really hard to move Nibiru carefully, it crashed furiously into Earth, and left it's ice behind, creating the water that is now on Earth. 

However, the crash had an even more devastating effect on Nibiru, and it was flung into a huge orbital pattern, not only physically, but inter-dimensionally, which it has not recovered from. 

The Anunakis, having such long life spans and the fact that they are also inter-dimensional beings, jump off of Nibiru and visit Earth when they come close together.  Nibiru cannot always be seen because of its inter-dimentional composition as well.  The only way to tell that Nibiru is close by Earth is that when the Annunakis visit, the technology of Earth increases tremendously.

The orbit is about 3669 years, but because in other dimensions it can move quicker or slower, this is 
extremely subject to change.  In general it is within 200 years of this time.  Nevertheless, because it 
can make this orbit totally unseen by the earth due to its location in dimension or realm at the time 
of its passing, it will often only be known by those who can see into these other dimensions.  

This pass will not be in this dimension.  Even though Nibiru may show up in close dimensions as it 
approaches, so that sometimes it can be seen on photographs, it has been concluded that it will not 
be in a position to show (be seen) or even to cause problems with the earth until it passes again in 
about 7400 years from now.
[link to www.greatdreams.com]
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