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Message Subject Nibiru live FLORIDA?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Since the Luciferian Rebellion, the Fallen Angelic Anunnaki factions that are sympathetic to the Nibiruian Agendas implanted alien machinery in the Earth to set up reversal current networks that artificially forced the lowest density of the 3rd dimensional plane into misalignment with Nibiru. The Alien Machinery was used to force Planet Earth to run reversal currents into the planetary grid networks, which forced an unnatural reversal Merkaba spin that greatly increased matter densification.

The artificial reversals running in the planetary Merkaba field forced the individual inner Merkaba spin to run reversals, which resulted in Gender Reversals and extensive DNA mutations in the original human body blueprint. This effectively damaged the process of spiritual Ascension, gender unification and the potential for 12 strand DNA activation, which was required for full ascension and passage through the Stargate system.


The NET (Nibiru Electrostatic Transduction Field) was anchored into Earth using the Nibiru Diodic Crystal (NDC) and Nibiru Crystal Temple Network during the Luciferian Rebellion, 25,500 B.C. By impinging scalar sonic pulses at the Earth’s inner grid system an ‘interference’ pattern or electrostatic force-field was created, enshrouding the Earth. This NET has the effect of buffering (stopping) incoming and outgoing signals, in particular to the higher dimensions (Guardian Founder Races ETs, etc.), creating a kind of quarantine.

Serpent Grid

The Serpent APIN was also created during this period by the Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki. This APIN runs on Dimensions 4-5-11 reverse current and connects to Phantom Nibiru and other planets via the Phoenix wormhole in the Bermuda Triangle. It uses spike-site implant technology and links with the NDC and Giza, etc. Recent activation began around the 1700’s.

008 Planet X System

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