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Message Subject Nibiru live FLORIDA?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
from a A discussion with a Nibiru denier....
God gave us a plant called freedom which the majority of people on Earth appreciate much, and when anyone who beleives in Spiritual matters speak about God and Spiritual things to a non beleiver they got afraid and think that they who beleive in the spirit want to take their most important thing from them,their freedom.
I never knew you would say such think that you beleive in stuff that we do not see, that makes me reconsider you and try again to speak logic to try to convince with facts and reason about my beliefs.
I feel like you halfway there.
I want you to know that I use your energy to achieve my goals...
The Elite would not have allowed me to publish not even one Nibiru Video if they did not know for certain that 99 out of 100 if not more would refuse to beleive in Nibiru.
The Elite would have stopped my YouTube Channel and tried to silence me using all methods they have, financially, and would have turned me to a demon or an Antichrist if they would have thought that I would affect at least one person. 
If Trump tomorrow makes a speech and declare Nibiru is here, without any concrete evidence millions and millions of people would have beleived him.
Do you think God would have let me to do this job if it would risk my life?
It is not about you (......) it is the milk in your mother breast you suck when you were a child that was polluted with falsehood,It is the air you breath, the food you eat, the mentality you and the community you live in have in common. 
I can not imagine how hard it is to be one of the people and yet chose to seperate from all the people in order to beleive in stuff like Ghosts or Genies or Nibiru.,
All your life since you were a child you have tried to fight to show you are fit to the job or spotlight you want to occupy, in order to win that woman heart or get this well payed job. You want to shine like A Sun in the day and like a Moon in the Night.
Everyone does but they forget when they were competing that it all started when Cain killed his brother Abel and they were fighting to get the blessing of no more or less but God.
So even you (......) if you deny God you still want to compete among others to show them that you too can shine..
The problem is when you were a child you felt that the competition game had rules and you needed to learn them to come to the top ...
The real rules are simple.
If you have ever played Black Jack or Royal flash or any card game you know that there is a silent voice inside of you who tells you what number the hidden card has and if you guess it right then you might win money or people admiration for guessing the card.
Think if you have this ability to always guess the hidden card.
You have that ability but your ego stands in the middle of the way and blocks it.
If you do it for truth , meaning try to guess the hidden card in your heart while watching others playing Black Jack and not saying what the voice tells you then you will guess the numbers of all the hidden cards , but if you speak then you will guess wrong because you have used your ego to show how smart you are..
I hope you understand what I mean.
This is me in the Video, now you know my face.maybe we meet someday.
hopefully real soon and before Nibiru make itself public because after that the 99 out of 100 will become crazy and you too will probably lose your head.

Best wishes.
Thank you God Father!
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