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Daylight saving time: Washington state moving toward an end to the clock change


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United States
02/22/2019 07:10 PM
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Daylight saving time: Washington state moving toward an end to the clock change
I would be so happy - hate the depressing time change every fall, and so much looking forward to the reverse in spring.

When you switch your clock forward by one hour at the beginning of daylight saving time in two weeks, know this: it could be among the last times.

Washington state lawmakers are considering several proposals to adopt year-round Pacific Daylight Time, ending the twice-a-year switch between it and Pacific Standard Time.

It’s not a new idea. Measures have been introduced in Washington, and other states, to do away with the time change. But this is the first year, according to the sponsor of one of the bills, that it seems to have the momentum to succeed.

Voters in California backed a measure last November to adopt permanent daylight time, and Washington legislators say that could tip the balance for our state.

Oregon and Idaho also are considering the change.

[link to www.seattletimes.com (secure)]
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