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Beware of people with stinky Auras...

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02/23/2019 08:41 PM
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Beware of people with stinky Auras...
If you get like a vibe from someone, that they off, be leary of they ass cuz they haven't been guided yet. They haven't seen the light and they may generally have a stinky aura.

I'm not saying that someone will always have a stinky peeyou kind of aura, but when they have that kind of funk around them, it's best to keep your distance.

Why let someone who seems like they are spiritually imprisoned or in spiritually in the gutter bother you? Okay, to be fair, I was spiritually imprisoned until about 2 months ago really. Now, I am better. I'm less prone to get mad about someone calling me ugly, cuz frankly, being ugly is the least of my problems.

Whatever manifestation I take, no matter the gender, I do want to be calm and able to "deal" with anything, you know? Like Putin was saying that I seek um purity or something along those lines, that's not the case, cause ain nobody gon be super pure. I'm not tryna be a white person or a white spirit cuz y'all's spirits are prone to lying and mistruths, but I am trying to be less degenerate. I hope that makes sense.
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