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An observation on How/Why We are Where We Are, Not for the TL/DR Crowd

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United States
02/23/2019 10:24 PM

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An observation on How/Why We are Where We Are, Not for the TL/DR Crowd
An inherent question always arises from those who have awakened: How can one not see or realize the
magnitude of the situation that we are presently in? I, just as others, have tried intensely and
passionately to try to inspire the masses, but we can't seem to fully understand why they would rather
blind themselves to the truth. This absurdity has driven us truth seekers to mere frustration. My
observations though have brought me to try to explain the motives of the lackadaisical beings that walk
among us every day. "Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure."

Distraction - The masses are caught up in meaningless ideals and behaviors that just seeps them deeper
into bondage. These occupying notions could be physical outward perception, invisible climbing of
social hierarchy, obsessions with fraudulent role models, condoning dramatic emotional conflicts,
needed worldly acceptance, and/or limited feeling of stability. This participation in a system with a
minimal success rate can be similar to the motivations for playing the lotto. Losing is inevitable, but if
attained, the ends justify the means. Sadly, though, this lust is impossible for attainment.

Fear - A weakened barrier only held up by myths and hearsay that contains herds in brittle, crumbled
walls. They are so suppressed by these fairytale ideals that they would rather play within the walls,
even if that means having the worst of living conditions with limited consciousness to interact with.
They would rather stay stagnant than glance at a path of infinite potential. Since most make this eerie
conservative choice, they believe their choice is the correct one. If leaving the prison is recognized as
an option, the thoughts of others hinder them to stay in the cell longer.

Dependency - A universal set belief system is manufactured that this world is the way it will remain.
This thought process is almost as moronic as the earth once being called flat. This life of slavitude is all
they have ever known and if one questions this they are immediately shunned. This abusive
relationship with the oppressor has manipulated one to believe over time the pain will dissipate but in
reality it becomes worse. Since the abuse has gone on for so long, the servant believes that change can't
come from something that affects so many others. This fragmented idea, that it has to get worse before
it gets better, only prolongs the heartache.

Demoralization - An awareness of evil and tyranny is perceived all around them, but they feel even
though it's presently within reach, it doesn't affect them on a personal level, so it's irrelevant. Of course,
though, a common mistake since the rule enscripted within the realm of existence is doing onto others
as you want done onto you. An empty safety net is spun with the premise that those horrid things in
other places could happen but never here simply because of our history. Those, however, forget that
evil is a gradual process of diversion.
MrBlack  (OP)

User ID: 77152100
United States
02/23/2019 10:30 PM

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Re: An observation on How/Why We are Where We Are, Not for the TL/DR Crowd
Apathy - Some are simply intentionally avoiding the situation as-a-whole. Their method is that of see
or hears no evil, and then there is no evil. A foolish tactic for the fact another species, being the ostrich,
tries a similar maneuver to evade its predators. The ostrich would stick its head in the ground while
being pursued, thinking that its unawareness would save it. Of course though, this is far from reality.
The ostrich is more vulnerable in that position than being aware and in turn being able to be prepared.

Distortion - Although some are aware of the prison they inhabit daily, they feel overwhelmed to see the
reflection of their environment. Instead of acting on facts, a mindset sets in that if they point out half
the universal evil but still don't cross that designated line, they are doing a service to the world. This
tactic though, does the opposite, it simply divides people within a paradigm of politics and helps
maintain a routine state of different slave masters with the same whips. This confusion restrains themfrom fully revealing the question so the real solution can't be found; only fragments of the answer
appear with more questions.

Feebleness - A common misconception from the masses is brought forth after realizing the prison they
live amongst. An intimidating factor of being incapable of changing anything is sprung from a
mentality of having insufficient tools, non-secular influence, and singularity of self. This outlook is a
mere mirage though, since the only real type of people that has ever shifted this world is that of the
minority of both sides of the aisle.

Insignificance - An unwillingness to let go of past aspirations blinds the masses from seeing the bars. A
sense of accomplishment is elusive, for the sanctity of achievement was tainted by the lies inhabiting
the choices made. Instead of accepting this and rejoicing for new goals of purity, they would rather sit
in the burning house of lies and make the best of an inescapable situation.

Obligation - A task of the highest regard that involves no means of profit or personal gain. If they see
the prison for themselves they must tell others about the containment. This occupation involves the
harshest of pains on all levels but at the same time seeing it’s necessary. Most would rather go to their
physical jobs because of the quick satisfaction and acceptance. They forget to see that if they just gave
a little they'd get more back in the end. The struggle may be hard but it’s so simple.